Issue and Tips&Tricks for eLearning


  1. There is a case that the lecturer had 4 quizzes in eLearning but still got IL4 = 0. Adakah kuiz tidak dikira sebagai assessment?
  2. There is a case that the lecturer masukkan berbelas sources of learning dalam 4 folder – then hanya dikira sebagai 4 sources sahaja (tidak comply CL2) – check semua EL2 dan EL3 for subjects MANA2133 section 1 dan 2.

Tips and Tricks to increase hits (at least 28 hits per student per semester for you to get Comply Level 5 (CL5).

  1. Give bonus marks for the highest active student. Mr Azri offer 2 bonus marks for his students and show how the log files from elearning. As the outcomes, he got 300 hits average for 1 student (by the way, elearning only need 28 average hits only).
  2. Embed padlets, kahoot, tes blendspace in the eLearning activities – make sure to get at least 28 hits per student per semester. You can refer here.. This post will explain in details how to embed interactive learning tools in eLearning UTM.

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