Community Engagement – Towards Five Star Project

  1. At the end of a project, successful applicant must deliver:
    1. A final report in two formats:
      1. Adobe Reader (.pdf) to be uploaded in RADIS
      2. Microsoft Word (.doc) for promotional purposes
    2. Pictures and short videos of activities (2 minutes) copied in CD
  1. A project has to achieve a minimum of three (3) Star CE Impact Rating in order to contribute to MyRA performance. Thus, it needs to meet 3 minimum requirements:
    1. The community should have a positive orientation towards the programme where the attendance exceed or equal to 80% from the targeted number of participants.
    2. A minimum of three (3) stakeholders’ involvement (i.e. Government Agencies, Industries, Civil Society, NGOs, Learning Institutions, etc.).
      1. Provide evidence that the community consider the programme relevant and needed.
      2. Provide a formal university-community cooperation agreement.
  • The participants exhibit the expected changes based on the objectives of the programme such as change of attitude or increment of knowledge / skills or aspirations.
  1. Additional requirements to achieve four (4) or five (5) Star CE Impact Rating:
  2. The programme results in change of practice where the participants adopt the innovations that were introduced (4 star).
  3. The community is empowered and independently able to sustain the practices that were introduced through the programme without UTM’s assistance (5 star).
  4. Please note that all information will be kept confidential and will ONLY be used for university reporting.

You can refer the CE Form here: CE-Impact-Rating-Form-2017

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