Klinik Geran Universiti UTMER dan UTMFR bersama PM Dr Khairi

PM Dr Khairi share we us the importance to target for the grant. If you want 5 grants, please submit 10 proposals. He share about the grant process continuity. Make sure 1 grant will create another grant opportunities. The next grant must be better from previous grant.

Unsuccessful grant must be revised and resubmit the proposal during the next funding cycle.

Tips to write good proposal:

  1. How easy the reviewer to understand your proposal and how details the proposal.
  2. Do your background work – funding bodies, eligibility and guidelines.
  3. Study your funding sources
  4. Ensure you entitle the grant – check the guidelines for submission.
  5. Dont do last minute – leave plenty times
  6. Choose the best team for the work – need the strong team. Must be balanced – need professorship (to give advice, consel), need 1-2 associate professor and 2-4 people to do work (drs and your friends).
  7. Budget – provide value for money. E.g. We need the computers – then we need to justify for research usage. Printer – must be relevant to the research. Handphone – tak boleh beli – just buy for internet line. Follow the capstone. For UTM Grant – put maximum.
  8. Milestones – 1 year within 3-4 milestones. Follow the time duration.

UTM ER – maximum 2 years (30K for S&T) caps budget RM2million. Essential for non-PI. Insya Allah RMC will give priority to them. 2 Book chapter or research book or 1 indexed journal.

UTM FR  – 2 years (70K) or 3 years (100K). Caps budget RM7.2 million. Project start date 1 November 2019. Submission deadline by 30th September 2019. Announcement of grant awarded 30 October 2019.

Allocation disbursement

Tips in Radis:

  1. Masukkan potential commercializaiton
  2. Collaboration proof very important to solve something.
  3. In the methodology masukkan;
    1. Flowchart perlu lebih details – nampak macam kita tau apa nak buat. The flowchart must match with the activities and objectives of the research
    2. Put samples –
    3. Research Expected result – maps with keperluan negara
      1. Novel theories/new findings
      2. Reserch publications – janjikan more and put in details where you want to publish, Indexed proceedings –
      3. Specific pr potential applications
      4. Number of phd and master by research students – put names and ID
      5. Impact on society, economy and nation
      6. Intellectual property (IP)
    4. Activities – 3-4 activities per year
    5. Equipment – patut isi – contoh komputer sedia ada dan software berkaitan. Other places – show about the collaboration.
    6. Budget –
      1. no capping. RM 1500 untuk PhD. RM18,000 x 3 tahun = RM 54,000.00.
      2. Q1 caps RMC RM5000.00, Q2 RM3000.00
      3. List and Justification – put as attachment.
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