Back in the day when I embarked on a research that uses a social networking tool that is Facebook for learning and teaching, I received a quite number of critiques from academics on the relevance of my research in Education. To them, Facebook might not be the right platform to assist and enhance students’ learning, as it is “too social”. However, from my perspective, I believe that the networking platform that the Facebook provides, has a great pedagogical potential to be explored through proper research. And fast forward to the present, they are no longer have the same mindsets as before since Facebooking is proven to have its benefits in enhancing learning and teaching practices, if coupled with the right pedagogical strategies.

So, here are the main established findings of my studies, to list a few, which related to Facebook that I would like to share. Happy Reading!

  1. A Framework of Metacognitive Scaffolding in Learning Authoring System via Facebook
  2. Peer Scaffolding in Promoting Critical Thinking Engagement through Facebook
  3. Using Facebook for the Purpose of Students’ Interaction and its Correlation with Students’ Academic Performance
  4. Students’ Social Presence in Online Learning System
  5. Depicting Students’ Social Presence on Social Networking Site in Course-Related Interaction