Mobile Applications

I started implemented mobile applications in my learning and teaching from the year 2011 – the same time I embarked on Facebooking type of research. During the learning process, students borrowed iPads which I bought using the university grant that I secured for mobile apps research purposes. To ensure that students use the mobile applications, discussions on learning and teaching activities are conducted through the Facebook Group set-up by me and my research students.

The use of Facebook is particularly suitable for courses at the Masters level – where the students are mostly part-timers. Through Facebook, students can ask questions at anytime and anywhere, whereas class instructor can answer those questions while waiting for a traffic light to change, during meetings, waiting for flights, when on vacation and so on.

The use of mobile apps and Facebook in learning and teaching helps me a lot in terms of monitoring my students’ learning progress, especially when I am busy with the administrative position. Facebook also enables information sharing, learning with peers, motivation support and etc. to be implemented.

All mobile applications created were copyrighted in order to protect its values.