Heutagogy and Peeragogy

To be honest, I will get bored easily if I teach my students using the same old teaching technique. As someone who likes to challenge my own teaching capability and also for the sake of having quality learning and teaching, I made an effort to improve the curriculum of the course that I have taught for 26 years, i.e. Authoring System, by integrating the latest 21-st century innovative pedagogical approaches namely Heutagogy and Peeragogy. This is first started in 2019. Various alternative assessment methods have also been used in my learning and teaching such as authentic, real-time, achievement-based assessment methods etc. Not only that, I also expanded the said innovative pedagogical approaches to another course which I recently teach i.e. Educational Technology Foundation and Research. Right now, I am still improving the course content by developing different and fun learning and teaching activities for each semester. This is also made possible since I managed to secure one KPT grant which related to Cybergogy, Heutagogy, Peeragogy and Online Technological Tools aspects. I also actively engaged in giving talk and workshop in relation to Heutagogy and Peeragogy innovative pedagogies.

More on my implementation of Heutagogy and Peeragogy learning activities can be found here.