Me, Myself and I

This year – 2021, marks the 26th years of my professional involvement in academia. Since joining UTM in 1995 as a member of the academic staff, I have achieved many significant milestones both locally and globally. Just recently, I was awarded with a prestigious recognition as one of the 2020 Top Research Scientists Malaysia by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. This recognition acknowledges my outstanding academic achievements, notable publications, and many contributions towards research and development in Malaysia.

My passion for teaching and research is driven by the mission to improve educational practice and deliver high quality education for the benefit of all students. Hence, I have devoted most of my time to doing research that revolves around bridging the gap between humans and technology.

To date, I have more than 20 scientific research grants under my belt worth over 1 million, and co-leads more than 60 other research and consultation projects. My most noteworthy projects are in the area of educational technology and its application in  the learning of science, mathematics, and computer science subjects, both at school and higher-education levels. The research has produced several new pieces of knowledge in the learning and teaching (L&T) of science, mathematics, and computer science via technology, such as an instructional design framework for learning mathematics through multiple intelligence; a metacognitive scaffolding framework through Facebook that enhances students’ learning of computer science; a cognitive scaffolding framework for leveraging students’ problem-solving process in online learning; and a learning analytics framework for enhancing students’ cognitive retention, cognitive engagement, and motivation in online learning, among others.

Besides formulating new knowledge, several learning materials for promoting societal well-being, with some focus on students with learning disabilities have been created, such as MIMCO: Multiple Intelligence Multimedia Courseware; MySign: Mobile Learning Applications for Learning Science for Hearing Impaired Students; RMaths: Mobile-Based Numeracy Learning Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities; and Web-based Instructions Embedded with Sign Language Video for Hearing Impaired Students Learning Science.

My current research focus is on crafting innovative pedagogies for future-ready educators and graduates. The findings from the conducted research have fulfilled the need for L&T materials during this crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and have helped many educators who have never designed online instructions and those who are lacking online teaching experience to review and restructure the delivery of efficient and quality online learning instructions.       

I am also very active in producing scientific publications. To date, I have authored more than 150 research papers in various reputable high impact educational technology journals and conference proceedings. My current H-index is 11 (Scopus) and 9 (Web of Science). I have also written 35 original books. In addition, I have frequently been invited to deliver plenary and keynote speeches in numerous conferences worldwide.

Since 2017, I have been serving as the Chief Editor for international journals. Additionally, I have also won many prestigious awards related to my research and innovations, such as NALI Award (2020, 2018), AKRI (2019), IELA (2019), Asia Pacific Stevie Award (2017), PECIPTA (2017, 2007), ITEX (2013, 2003), MTE (2019, 2013, 2010), INATEX (2017, 2013, 2011, 2009, 2008), IENA (2003), Outstanding Research Papers (2020, 2006, 2005), among others. In addition, I have supervised over 200 students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Some of my students have also been the recipients of Chancellor’s and Dean’s Awards.

I also have ample experience as an academic administrator. I was the Chair of School of Graduate Studies UTM (2013-2019), the Chairperson of the Malaysian Deans of Graduate Studies Council (2017-2019), the Deputy Dean of Social Science (2009-2010), the Deputy Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research (2008-2009) as well as the Head of Department of Postgraduate Studies (2007-2008) and the Information Technology Manager (2004-2007) of the Faculty of Education. During my tenure as the Chair of School of Graduate Studies UTM, I was responsible for transforming the postgraduate management structures, which placed Malaysia on a par with other countries, such as Australia, in terms of providing quality postgraduate education. The transformation included setting a minimum standard of postgraduate education in Malaysia, developing a postgraduate education roadmap 2017-2025, and introducing a supervisory postgraduate certification, a supervisory expert repository, a postgraduate open distance learning program, an industrial PhD, a PhD by publication, remote supervision, prism-integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, and MOOCs for postgraduate courses. Currently, I serve as the Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (2019-2021) where I have headed various strategic plans that are central to UTM’s vision and mission in developing people’s holistic talent, innovative technologies, and quality education.

In my spare time, I enjoy giving back to nature and escape from the rest of the world by growing my own vegetables.