Body Part Recognition for Children Computer Interaction

Nor Azman Ismail, Muhammad Hazwan Bin Hazizan, Amirul Naim Bin Ahmad Nazri, Mohd Asyraf Bin Ruslaan, Muhammad Amirrul Bin Razali.

Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


This study addresses to children in order to help them in recognizing basic body parts such as right hand, left hand,
right leg, left leg and head. The system will run using Kinect device that helps in detecting the user’s skeletal part and mapping out the body joint on the screen based on the user’s body. The system will use the user’s right hand that acts as a mouse cursor to detect on the body parts that the user’s show and display the name of the body part. The experiment shows that users are able to use the technology after a few second of help. With this kind of interactive exposure, the difficulties in recognizing body part can be improved among children.


Children body part interaction is an application that enables the user to recognize their body parts based on their skeletal image tracker. The application is delivered through the Kinect based application which allow the user recognize their body parts by touching the body parts  using their right hand that acts as a mouse cursor. The Kinect sensor will detect the user body skeletal position and when the user touches the correct position, the application will respond to the selected body parts and show the body parts name on the screen. The application is aimed to create a better and interactive learning style toward children.