Bytes: Automated Social Media Post to Personal Website (ReversePro)

Rasis bin Razali, Nuriah Hamizah binti Mohammad Faiz, Nuraiza Najiha binti Zulkifli, Aiman Najmi bin Zaharudin, Mufid Syahirman Syaiful

Faculty  of Computer Science, UTM, 81310, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.



Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are important for people nowadays to do business, communications and also for entertainment purposes. Social media also have two kind of account which are private account and public account. Some users did not know that data from media social can be intergrate to WordPress website and it is a bit difficult to integrate them into WordPress, as we know that WordPress has different interface and style compared to usual website. Therefore, a plugin and themes were used to increase the usability, responsiveness and beautify the WordPress. To learn this usually takes time and need more workshops and costs to help user understand this. Through this development, our objective was to help user easily update their personal website using WordPress by only updating their social media account without any interaction with coding or source code for those who did not familiar with programming stuff.

Keywords: WordPress, integrate, entertainment, business, communications.



The integration of social media content to website has been developed for many intentions such as for business, communications and entertainment. This integration help us to share updates, favourites, products and any other things directly to our own website. In other point, this could help the user that have lack knowledge of programming to easily updating their website from the social media. While integration of social media content on website has been widely used nowadays, our development made some innovation to this by creating a new function to integrate the data into WordPress.

WordPress is a open source and free Content Management System (CMS) that using PHP and MySQL as the source code. WordPress is installed on the web server, which is Internet hosting service or a network host. There are two type of wordpress which are and The different between this two types is we can host our own website, download the software and install it on our own web server by using, while will take care everything for the user, no need to download, pay for hosting and manage the web server. [1]

WordPress has plugin, widgets and themes in order to increase the functionality and make the interface more interactive. It can be bit difficult for new user to understand it and usually takes time to mastered on it. By doing this development, this can help user to easily update their activities and works or business from their social media directly on their website by using WordPress platform.

In the social media statistics conducted on Americans in the year 2016, the most popular social media sites was Facebook (79%), followed by Instagram (32%) and Twitter (24%). [2] This show that these three sites were the common social media that has been used by the user.  


  Figure 1 : Statistic on social media user on Facebook


As the conclusion, our application development can help the user to update their WordPress site through social media site without any long term studies or workshop. Besides, this development can help the beginner in programming to  easily used the website as WordPress use only drag and drop style.


Prototype (ReversePro)

Since our work mostly act as a backhand, a comparison is needed.

Before :

Figure 2.1: A basic main menu without any post

Figure 2.2: A basic template of Page (default)

Figure 2.3: Post site without any post (default)


Figure 2.4: Page with Facebook Feed (Top)

Figure 2.5: Posts on main menu (Top)

Figure 2.6: Post view with separated posts of Facebook Feed


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