Strategic Communication and Branding Workshop

25 to 28th September 2017 Facilitating Strategic Communication and Branding workshop for Malaysian Polytechnic and Community colleges. Working together with Dr Faezah (workshop coordinator), my mate Dr Abdullah Nawi and International Hollywood Designer Clothing, Mr M as our Visibility expert.

The Deadline- ProFile: Marker-Based University Business Card with CV Video Viewing in Augmented Reality


This paper is an introduction to Augmented Reality that use video Playback technology for career purposes whose aim is to provide a superior creativity experience. Besides that, this application is to act as a starting point for make a paperless resume or curriculum vitae (CV). By using Augmented Reality concept for career purposes can make interactive 3D environment which is links physical reality and the virtual world. Augmented Reality will be widely used within the near future.

This “ProFile” projects of Augmented Reality concept which support personal career pitching to promote himself especially when in the job interview.  This project comes with some additional features that can display popup videos from different target markers that have been set earlier using Vuforia app collaboration. In addition, with the advantage of using C# and Java Script languages, the project has successfully called videos from YouTube to be displayed in the “ProFile” app. Therefore, this way can reduce the storage of memory for this application.



Nowadays, it is uninteresting to go through traditional CVs which take up a lot of papers and a lot of times. The whole process is tedious which makes the applicant forgettable. Moreover, transferring contact information from CVs to phone may lead to error. An application is proposed to allow people to view CVs video in augmented reality. The CVs video in augmented reality triggered by a marker based which is QR code. In addition, there are navigation tab menu to save contact easily and to view their related social media. Contact information also can be easily accessed and retracted straight to the phone without error.


Kerja.My : Hybrid mobile app for job seekers and job posting.

Nor Azman Ismail, Mohd. Sabri bin Burhanuddin, Mohamad Syazwan bin Mohamad Suhaimi, Muhamad Musadiq bin Muhamad Aizudin, Fatihah binti Othman.




Portal kerjaya adalah merupakan laman sesawang yang mengkhususkan pencarian kerja di atas talian, yang mana pengguna perlu membuat akaun pada job portal tersebut. Syarikat yang memerlukan pekerja juga boleh mengiklankan kerja tersebut di job portal dengan membuat akaun sebagai syarikat. Kerja.My ini adalah merupakan projek kumpulan kami “Taff” yang sama seperti job portal yang meyediakan pencarian kerja dan pengiklanan kerja secara atas talian. Dengan menggunakan Kerja.My, ianya dapat mempercepatkan pencarian kerja berbanding sebelum era 4th revolusi perindustrian, yang mana hanya dengan menggunakan telefon pintar dan internet pengguna bebas memohon kerja pada bila-bila masa mengikut pekerjaan yang di tawarkan di dalam Kerja.My.


Teknologi moden hari ini menjanjikan satu kemudahan bagi semua orang. Segala urusan manusia hari ini menggunakan teknologi manusia itu sendiri. Dengan peningkatan teknologi manusia itu sendiri mereka berusaha untuk memudahkan kehidupan mereka untuk masa hadapan. Mereka berusaha dalam meningkatkan taraf ekonomi bagi kemudahan dan penjimatan  masa. Untuk terus hidup, manusia memerlukan pendapatan atau pekerjaan untuk menyara hidup. Portal kerjaya adalah salah satu cara mudah pada zaman ini di mana semua orang boleh memohon pekerjaan dan mendapatkan pekerja melalui atas talian.

Kebanyakan urusan dunia hari ini melibatkan penggunaan atas talian. Sebagai contoh, pengguna boleh memhon pekerjaan melalui sistem menggunakan atas talian. Segala dokumen yang diperlukan boleh dilampirkan bersama permohonan. adalah sistem permohonon yang melibatkan pengguna dan data. Segala maklumat boleh dicapai melalui pengaksesan pengguna yang berdaftar. Pengguna boleh mendaftar sebagai pekerja yang ingin mencari pekerjaan. Mereka perlu mengisi atau melampirkan maklumat diri dan kerjaya(resume) melalui atas talian. Segala maklumat akan dipaparkan kepada majikan atau syarikat yang ingin mencari pekerja. Terdapat pemilihan pengkhususan kursus seperti professional, “part- time” dan “full-time”. Segala bidang kuasa berkaitan kerja boleh dipohon mengguna portal Syarikat juga boleh mengakses system ini. Syarikat yang mahu mengakses sistem ini adalah syarikat yang telah didaftarkan. Pihak syarikat juga boleh mengiklankan iklan syarikat untuk mencari pekerja. Syarikat boleh menetapkan sama ada mahu mancari pekerja tetap atau sambilan.  Sistem ini memberi interaksi antara mereka yang mencari kerja dan majikan yang mencari pekerja.

Reka Bentuk

Antara Muka Admin

Senarai Pekerjaan

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Bytes: Automated Social Media Post to Personal Website (ReversePro)

Rasis bin Razali, Nuriah Hamizah binti Mohammad Faiz, Nuraiza Najiha binti Zulkifli, Aiman Najmi bin Zaharudin, Mufid Syahirman Syaiful

Faculty  of Computer Science, UTM, 81310, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.



Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are important for people nowadays to do business, communications and also for entertainment purposes. Social media also have two kind of account which are private account and public account. Some users did not know that data from media social can be intergrate to WordPress website and it is a bit difficult to integrate them into WordPress, as we know that WordPress has different interface and style compared to usual website. Therefore, a plugin and themes were used to increase the usability, responsiveness and beautify the WordPress. To learn this usually takes time and need more workshops and costs to help user understand this. Through this development, our objective was to help user easily update their personal website using WordPress by only updating their social media account without any interaction with coding or source code for those who did not familiar with programming stuff.

Keywords: WordPress, integrate, entertainment, business, communications.



The integration of social media content to website has been developed for many intentions such as for business, communications and entertainment. This integration help us to share updates, favourites, products and any other things directly to our own website. In other point, this could help the user that have lack knowledge of programming to easily updating their website from the social media. While integration of social media content on website has been widely used nowadays, our development made some innovation to this by creating a new function to integrate the data into WordPress.

WordPress is a open source and free Content Management System (CMS) that using PHP and MySQL as the source code. WordPress is installed on the web server, which is Internet hosting service or a network host. There are two type of wordpress which are and The different between this two types is we can host our own website, download the software and install it on our own web server by using, while will take care everything for the user, no need to download, pay for hosting and manage the web server. [1]

WordPress has plugin, widgets and themes in order to increase the functionality and make the interface more interactive. It can be bit difficult for new user to understand it and usually takes time to mastered on it. By doing this development, this can help user to easily update their activities and works or business from their social media directly on their website by using WordPress platform.

In the social media statistics conducted on Americans in the year 2016, the most popular social media sites was Facebook (79%), followed by Instagram (32%) and Twitter (24%). [2] This show that these three sites were the common social media that has been used by the user.  


  Figure 1 : Statistic on social media user on Facebook


As the conclusion, our application development can help the user to update their WordPress site through social media site without any long term studies or workshop. Besides, this development can help the beginner in programming to  easily used the website as WordPress use only drag and drop style.


Prototype (ReversePro)

Since our work mostly act as a backhand, a comparison is needed.

Before :

Figure 2.1: A basic main menu without any post

Figure 2.2: A basic template of Page (default)

Figure 2.3: Post site without any post (default)


Figure 2.4: Page with Facebook Feed (Top)

Figure 2.5: Posts on main menu (Top)

Figure 2.6: Post view with separated posts of Facebook Feed


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Integrating Face Recognition, and IOT for Smart Door

Kamal Fahmi Zainal Abidin, Mohd Asyraf Saad, Muhammad Aizu Zuyyin Nazhif Kamaludin, Khairunnabella Che Izham.

Faculty  of Computer Science, UTM, 81310, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.


Jurnal ini akan menerangkan bagaimana staff UTM dapat mengenal pasti tetamu yang datang tanpa membuka pintu terlebih dahulu. Kebiasaanya, staff UTM akan meminta tetamu mereka mengelurkan kad pengenalan pelajar/ staff sebelum berususan dengan mereka terlebih dahulu. Jadi, dengan adanya teknologi pengesan muka pada pintu, staff UTM akan mudah untuk mengetahui tetamu walaupun tetamu belum buka pintu terlebih dahulu. Kajian mendapati, setelah tetamu berada di hadapan pintu, Pi Kamera akan mengesan bentuk muka mereka terlebih dahulu. Kemudia, Raspberry Pi B+ akan mengesahkan tetamu dengan menggunakan data set di dalam system pangkalan data. Akhirnya, Raspberry Pi akan mendapat pemberitahuan daripada Telegram berkenaan tetamu tersebut

Kata kunci: Raspberry Pi B+, Pi Kamera, Data Set, Telegram.


Dunia sekarang yang dipangil dunia teknologi, semua negara berlumba-lumba untuk mencipta teknologi yang canggih dan moden. Tambhan pula, sekarang semua maklumat atau pekerjaan banyak mengunakan teknologi tidak kira di dalam mahupun di luar tempat kerja bagi memudahkan kerja tersebut mahupun menjimatkan masa.

Selain itu,manusia sekarang mementingkan perhubungan dan peranti pintar sudah menjadi suatu keperluan yang dikira sebagai penting pada hari ini, justeru ia dapat mengubahsuai hari seseorang yang ada sekarang agar lebih mudah dan menjimatkan tenaga dan masa mereka. Walaupun peranti pintar semakin maju dan berkembang pesat kita jangan ambli mudah terutama bahagian keselamatan dimana kita bercakap mengenai kunci pintu kita. Untuk menukar atau memodenkan apa-apa objek yang sedia ada ia perlu menghapuskan kelemahan yang ada dan menambah fungsi tambahan pada objek tersebut.

Kekurangan utama yang terdapat pada pintu biasa ialah sesiapa sahaja boleh masuk ataupun buka pintu konvensional dangan duplikasikan atau mencuri kunci, ia juga agak mustahil jika kita ingin kawan atau keluarga kita untuk masuk rumah tanpa memerlukan orang di dalam rumah. Oleh itu, bukan sahaja dapat menyelesaikan masalah tersebut bahkan ia dapat mengenalpasti seseorang tersebut. Jadi pada era ini telah datang di mana peranti boleh berinteraksi dengan penggunanaya dan pada masa yang sama memastikan keselamatan rumah mereka.

Konsep utama untuk mereka dan memodelkan akses ini sistem kawalan adalah pengetahuan tentang antaramuka seperti peranti pengkomputeran Pi Raspberry  yang digunakan dan disambungkan dengan pemandu yang berbeza bersama dengan pembangunan aplikasi untuk membangunkan desktop. Kamera yang berkualiti tinggi disambungkan dengan memaparkan menggunakan LCD. Dengan menangkap foto dan pemprosesan melalui pengesanan wajah keluar imej dan menghantar ke Data Set untuk pengesahan.

Satu kajian intensif terhadap platform openvc dan perpusatakaan telah dijalankan untuk menghasilkan kod, yang mana pengiktirafan muka yang betul dan boleh dipercayai dengan penggunaan perkakasan yang baru dan efisien. Ketika dunia sedang berkembang dengan pesat, manusia makin takut akan keselamatan, harta benda, maklumat dan diri mereka sendiri. Dengan model Pintu Pintar, impak yang mendalam dijangkakan pada industri keselamatan dan menjadikan ia berguna pada masa hadapan dalam kehidupan seharian. Model ini akan menjadi salah satu sumbangan yang besar dalam bidang keselamatan rumah ataupun  tempat kerja.

Carta Aliran

Rajah 1: Carta aliran model pintu pintar.


Rajah 2: Raspberry Pi B+ dengan Pi Kamera.


Rajah 3: Nama muncul pada skrin komputer apabila muka disahkan dalam data set.


Rajah 4: Gambar dihantar melalui aplikasi Telegram.


Body Part Recognition for Children Computer Interaction

Nor Azman Ismail, Muhammad Hazwan Bin Hazizan, Amirul Naim Bin Ahmad Nazri, Mohd Asyraf Bin Ruslaan, Muhammad Amirrul Bin Razali.

Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


This study addresses to children in order to help them in recognizing basic body parts such as right hand, left hand,
right leg, left leg and head. The system will run using Kinect device that helps in detecting the user’s skeletal part and mapping out the body joint on the screen based on the user’s body. The system will use the user’s right hand that acts as a mouse cursor to detect on the body parts that the user’s show and display the name of the body part. The experiment shows that users are able to use the technology after a few second of help. With this kind of interactive exposure, the difficulties in recognizing body part can be improved among children.


Children body part interaction is an application that enables the user to recognize their body parts based on their skeletal image tracker. The application is delivered through the Kinect based application which allow the user recognize their body parts by touching the body parts  using their right hand that acts as a mouse cursor. The Kinect sensor will detect the user body skeletal position and when the user touches the correct position, the application will respond to the selected body parts and show the body parts name on the screen. The application is aimed to create a better and interactive learning style toward children.


Crashed: Personalized Accident Emergency Assistance Mobile Application

Nor Azman Ismail, Khairul Imran Mohd Fauzi, Muhammad Khairul Izham Mohd Jamil, Mohamed Aizat Abdul Malek, Nazrin Amirul Neu Jan Tan @ Atan

Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Today, road accidents happen every day in our country whether a small accident or an accident involving a loss of life. As a safety precaution after a road accident has been conducted to find solutions to the steps or actions that road users should take after being involved in the accident. After an accidents happened, many road users cannot do the right things that are need to be done. People nowadays are not concerned about the steps or action that are needed to be taken after accidents occurred. There are many steps and action can be taken by the road user after involved in a road accidents but it can be simplified in order to reduce the cost and time after the accidents happened.


Crashed is a Personalized Accidents Emergency Assistance Mobile Application. It is an application that helps users who are involved in road accidents by providing facilities for emergency assistance during accidents occur such as by simply pressing one button on the main screen to notify other persons, lists the nearest hospital or clinic and police station nearest to the place of the accident to get help. User can take photos for evidence and stored it in the phone storage and also the online storage as a backup for the user. This application is developed as a result of a research that had been conducted founding that among the road users, especially car drivers, will start to panic when they are involved in an accident. As a precautionary measure to prevent user from making the wrong action and decision, an application is developed so that users can get help on the right channels as well as reduce the risk of being deceived by car towing services provided by certain workshops as it is also equipped with almost all insurance companies.

Flowchart – Crashed: Personalized Accident Emergency Assistance Mobile Application

Application Interface



Smart Doorbell using IoT

Nor Azman Ismail, Muhammad Luqman Bin Kassim Ali, Lydia Shahira Binti Khawary, Muhammad Firdaus Bin Azmi, Muhammad Zulihsan Bin Halidi

Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



Methods for using a doorbell that is configurable with a remotely located computing device obtaining the doorbell that comprises a camera. Installation of doorbell that has connected wire to the Arduino Uno circuit. The circuit controls all the doorbell activity. Procedure when doorbell is pushed, it triggers signal wire connected to the Arduino Uno Board. After the signal arrived, it push the signal to the PushingBox. It push notification to the linked email and one of the social media. The doorbell can capture an image of the visitor using the camera during the alert mode.  Methods  entering an alert mode in response to detecting any activity of the doorbell which can be watch live view by the NotiBell apps. The device is aimed to help UTM’s lecturer to have an organized daily work life and less chaos where they can priotize which visitors has more important matter to give an attention.



Smart Doorbell is a WiFi video doorbell system for home and office security. It has perfectly integrated with your smartphone, you can know and view who is your visitor. This is a convenient doorbell system, which is equipped with a ip camera. It comes with smartphone App, you can live view the camera whenever you want from Tablet or Android smartphones.

Prototype ( Notibell Apps)


Commercial Video

Augmented Posters For University Ecotourism Showcases



Dr. Nor Azman bin Ismail 1 , Fatimah binti Mostapa Kamal 2 , Ain-Syahtul Syahira binti Mohamad
Samsani 3 , Praveen A/L Sukhumaran 4 , Muhammad Nur Farhan bin Abdul Rahman 5 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
Faculty of Computing (FC) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.


This paper presents an Augmented Reality application for mobile devices which aimed to expose and attract people interactively about eco-tourism places provided inside Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The main purpose of this application is to promote and invite people inside and outside from UTM to these eco-tourism places. The application consists of Augmented Reality (AR) features that embed inside the Android Studio mobile application. Users need to scan the marker on UTM eco-tourism map that will be redirected automatically to Google Street View (API). With API, users can view 360 0 images of places from the surrounding area and get to picture the real-life environment of that specific place. Experiments show that users are able to use the technology after a few seconds of help. With this kind of interactive exposure, the number of visitors to UTM eco-tourism places had been increased.


Augmented Reality (AR) is an enhanced technology which able to add virtual elements to a real-life situation. Its purpose is to increase users’ attraction and engagement towards the application. AR is a creative way to attract users attention in using some mobile application. Therefore, AR can increase user’s perspective and interaction with the real world. Android Studio is a software for Android’s operating system. By doing application using Android Studio, the interface of the application may be more creative and appealing to users. In the context of the project, UTM eco-tourism map will act as a pre-defined image target and the mobile application camera will act as virtual objects. The targets image will be as a marker which makes it possible to be scan by the virtual objects. The virtual object which is the mobile application will open up a browser to view 360 0 scenery of the eco-tourism places in Google Street View (API). This project is part of the initiative to expose people to interesting eco-tourism places in UTM. The aim of the project is to promote UTM eco-tourism places to the people related with UTM and people live nearby to UTM as well as to encourage people in visiting in UTM. Besides, it is to enhance users experience when reading a traditional map.



Watch our promo video here:

IoT Smart Smoke Alarm System

Nor Azman Ismail, Phuah Yong Hwa, Nurul Izzati Mohd Daud, Nur Afiqah Mohd Sabri, Syamsiah Mohd Suhaimi

Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 81310, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


This paper proposes a solution to enforce the Smoking-Free Area Regulation in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) through the product called Smart Smoke Alarm System which can prevent smoker smoking in the campus area. When the sensor detect dangerous level of smoke it will immediately triggers an alarm sound along 5 minutes alert user through mobile application. Multiple users can receive alerts to gives the user controls the device wherever you are and can have multiple devices on each account. At present, the system only can be connected to one device of smoke detector and will triggers alarm when the amount of smoke detected. User will get a notification through the mobile application and give control whether to put off the alarm or inform to the other user respond to the situation.

Keywords : smoke alarm, smoke detector, gas sensor, humidity sensor, arduino, alarm system, IoT home automation


Smoke Alarm System (SAS) is a device that detects any kind of smoke and will notify alarm alert to user when there is potential of fire occurs. The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is applied to this project. Smoke detector circuit is develop using Arduino UNO connected with WiFi board based ESP-8266 WeMos-D1R2 mini and gas sensor MQ-4 while the mobile application is develop by using MIT App Inventor. When SAS detect amount of smoke at surrounding it will notify user through mobile application. For additional function, SAS can detect temperature and humidity of surrounding.