Smart Doorbell using IoT

Nor Azman Ismail, Muhammad Luqman Bin Kassim Ali, Lydia Shahira Binti Khawary, Muhammad Firdaus Bin Azmi, Muhammad Zulihsan Bin Halidi

Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



Methods for using a doorbell that is configurable with a remotely located computing device obtaining the doorbell that comprises a camera. Installation of doorbell that has connected wire to the Arduino Uno circuit. The circuit controls all the doorbell activity. Procedure when doorbell is pushed, it triggers signal wire connected to the Arduino Uno Board. After the signal arrived, it push the signal to the PushingBox. It push notification to the linked email and one of the social media. The doorbell can capture an image of the visitor using the camera during the alert mode.  Methods  entering an alert mode in response to detecting any activity of the doorbell which can be watch live view by the NotiBell apps. The device is aimed to help UTM’s lecturer to have an organized daily work life and less chaos where they can priotize which visitors has more important matter to give an attention.



Smart Doorbell is a WiFi video doorbell system for home and office security. It has perfectly integrated with your smartphone, you can know and view who is your visitor. This is a convenient doorbell system, which is equipped with a ip camera. It comes with smartphone App, you can live view the camera whenever you want from Tablet or Android smartphones.

Prototype ( Notibell Apps)


Commercial Video