Mobile Development workshop

Today Mobile Development workshop will be at KPU7, FSKSM. The workshop will be conducted by Mrs. Zarwina Yusoff
You will be exposed to eclipse IDE, Codiqa for mobile app and many more.


Website to all computer science student

Web site to all UTM computer science student will be at[username]

Website to Mobile app

Turn your Website into a native Mobile App with WiziApp

Best presenter (actor) award

Miss Nurul Afiqah Afandi

For the best actor award, Congratulation to Miss Nurul Afiqah Binti Afandi and the Downy gulrz group



HCI best proposal

The best proposal (creative and originality)
Congratulation!! to the Super mario group with “Bangunlah” app proposal

1. Mohamad Fikri bin Ahmad
2. Ahmad Aizat bin Mohd Akhir
3. Ahmad Shamil bin Omar

Photo Credit to Ahmad Afiq Adi Azman

Mohamad Fikri bin Ahmad  Ahmad Aizat bin Mohd Akhir  Ahmad Shamil bin Omar

The Super mario group

HCI 1st Assignment Comments

Comment from students of HCI 1st assignment.

Project and Group of HCI

Group: Bumble Bee
Project Topic: Topic 1 talking with phone

1.Farhanah Atiqah
2.Hanan Abud
3.Cynthia Loretta
4.Jacline Sudah

Group: Cemerlang
Project Topic: Topic 2: Sharing sharing activities e.g. sport etc

1. Luqman bin Subki
2. Aiman Hakim bin Nizam
3. Muhammad Syafiq bin Md Roslan

Group: June
Project Topic: Topic 2 Can we add richness to our memories with audio, video, handwritten notes, or photos? 


Group: Apikullah
Project Topic:Topic 2: Sharing How could you infuse physical locations with collective memories of individuals? sharing with community location (e.g. place of interest) 

1.Ahmad Afiq Zulhilmi Bin Adi Azman
2. Farezdzuan
3. Hairul Hazri
4. Abbas Abdillah

Group : meatball

Project Topic: Topic 1: A shift in personal behavior or social issues What if mobile technology could make people safer, happier, and healthier?

1. Hazlinda binti Salim
2. Faten Alia binti Zainal abidin
3. Najwa Syahiera binti abd razak

Group : Silent Tiger
Project Topic: Topic 1 budget/financial system for students 

1. Mohamad Asyraf bin Alwee
2. Ahmad Aqil Bin Jasri
3. Muhamad Nazrin Bin Zulkifli
4.Mohamed Shafiee Bin Miskan

Group : Super mario
Project Topic: Topic 1: A shift in personal behavior or social issues How can application on desktop or mobile technology promote behavioral change? alarm stop with human movement

1. Mohamad Fikri bin Ahmad
2. Ahmad Aizat bin Mohd Akhir
3. Ahmad Shamil bin Omar

Group: Downy gulrz
Project Topic: Food 

1. Nurul Afiqah Binti Afandi
2. Nurul Aiza Binti Ghazali
3. Nurul Aishah Binti Mahadun
4. Nurul Amirah Binti Mashudi

Group: Nektar 
Project Topic:

1. Hassan Farah Shirwa

Today HCI class

To my HCI student. today class will discuss about your project

HCI short drama

The User is a King and an example of Short Drama from Stanford University.
This could give some inspiration to your group presentation

HCI Lecture 1

HCI Lecture 1 with Activity 1

Lecture note
Download Activity 1 hci2012