The Deadline- ProFile: Marker-Based University Business Card with CV Video Viewing in Augmented Reality


This paper is an introduction to Augmented Reality that use video Playback technology for career purposes whose aim is to provide a superior creativity experience. Besides that, this application is to act as a starting point for make a paperless resume or curriculum vitae (CV). By using Augmented Reality concept for career purposes can make interactive 3D environment which is links physical reality and the virtual world. Augmented Reality will be widely used within the near future.

This “ProFile” projects of Augmented Reality concept which support personal career pitching to promote himself especially when in the job interview.  This project comes with some additional features that can display popup videos from different target markers that have been set earlier using Vuforia app collaboration. In addition, with the advantage of using C# and Java Script languages, the project has successfully called videos from YouTube to be displayed in the “ProFile” app. Therefore, this way can reduce the storage of memory for this application.



Nowadays, it is uninteresting to go through traditional CVs which take up a lot of papers and a lot of times. The whole process is tedious which makes the applicant forgettable. Moreover, transferring contact information from CVs to phone may lead to error. An application is proposed to allow people to view CVs video in augmented reality. The CVs video in augmented reality triggered by a marker based which is QR code. In addition, there are navigation tab menu to save contact easily and to view their related social media. Contact information also can be easily accessed and retracted straight to the phone without error.