Crashed: Personalized Accident Emergency Assistance Mobile Application

Nor Azman Ismail, Khairul Imran Mohd Fauzi, Muhammad Khairul Izham Mohd Jamil, Mohamed Aizat Abdul Malek, Nazrin Amirul Neu Jan Tan @ Atan

Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Today, road accidents happen every day in our country whether a small accident or an accident involving a loss of life. As a safety precaution after a road accident has been conducted to find solutions to the steps or actions that road users should take after being involved in the accident. After an accidents happened, many road users cannot do the right things that are need to be done. People nowadays are not concerned about the steps or action that are needed to be taken after accidents occurred. There are many steps and action can be taken by the road user after involved in a road accidents but it can be simplified in order to reduce the cost and time after the accidents happened.


Crashed is a Personalized Accidents Emergency Assistance Mobile Application. It is an application that helps users who are involved in road accidents by providing facilities for emergency assistance during accidents occur such as by simply pressing one button on the main screen to notify other persons, lists the nearest hospital or clinic and police station nearest to the place of the accident to get help. User can take photos for evidence and stored it in the phone storage and also the online storage as a backup for the user. This application is developed as a result of a research that had been conducted founding that among the road users, especially car drivers, will start to panic when they are involved in an accident. As a precautionary measure to prevent user from making the wrong action and decision, an application is developed so that users can get help on the right channels as well as reduce the risk of being deceived by car towing services provided by certain workshops as it is also equipped with almost all insurance companies.

Flowchart – Crashed: Personalized Accident Emergency Assistance Mobile Application

Application Interface