International Meeting on Land Cover / Land Use Changes (LCLUC) in South / Southeast Asia (SARI 2019)

UTM is the local organiser for the International Meeting on Land Cover / Land Use Changes (LCLUC) in South / Southeast Asia (SARI 2019), which will be held on 20-27 July 2019 in Johor Bahru. The purpose of this international meeting is to provide a forum to discuss on LCLUC and its impacts, with a regional focus on South and Southeast Asian countries. The aim is to review the availability, potential and limitations of different data sources and methodologies for the monitoring, and study of LCLUC, and quantification of its impact on the environment.
The event is consists of a two day field visit, three days of science meeting (presentation and discussion of research outcomes) and three days of training:
  • Field visit: 20-21 July 2019
  • Meeting: 22-24 July 2019
  • Training: 25-27 July 2019


International recognition for a research that we have been doing for the past 5 years – Research on soil moisture and satellite remote sensing (I acknowledge Kang Chuen Siang, my student who has just completed his PhD ).
Now the data is available on “International Soil Moisture Network” (ISMN)

The first and only country in SEA to have such data. We name it MySMnet (Malaysia Soil Moisture Network).

ISMN is coordinated by the Global Energy and Water Exchanges Project (GEWEX) in cooperation with the Group of Earth Observation (GEO) and the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS).

MySMNet provides free soil moisture and soil temperature data at surface (5 cm), 50 m and 100 m depth on hourly basis.

Please feel free to download (it is free) and use the data sets for any scientific works.

You can also refer to :
Kang, Chuen Siang, Kasturi Devi Kanniah, Yann H. Kerr, and Arthur Philip Cracknell. “Analysis of in-situ soil moisture data and validation of SMOS soil moisture products at selected agricultural sites over a tropical region.” International Journal of Remote Sensing 37, no. 16 (2016): 3636-3654.

Video teaching modules- “Urban Green Cover Change and Sustainability of Kuala Lumpur”

Scholars Talk titled ‘Green cover change and sustainability of Kuala Lumpur’, at the Department of Urban Stusies and Planning, Massachusates Institute of Technology, USA, 15 March, 2017

Research collaboration visit by Prof. Dr Ravi Mandla from Vellore Institute of Technology, India- 25 Jan 2017


Accelerating Green Development in Asia by UTM

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Delivered a lecture on “The Role of Green And Blue Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Development” to international students from Thailand, Korea, China and Lithuania and Malaysia students

International Journal of Geoinformatics

IEEE IJG - Special Issue Front Cover Special Issue Report

IEEE IWGRS Annual Workshop 2015

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Tree planting CSR activity

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