FRONT CONCEPT SDN BHD (Senibong Cove, River Treatment)


Senibong Cove is a master planned integrated residential, tourism and marina estate which situated along Lunchoo River. This project is a joint venture development with Australian developer-Walker Corporation. There are looking forward to have crystal clear water which this will ignite comfortably to the residential community. To accomplish their dream, there are several ways to remove the oil and scum that appear on the surface and also to remove the odor that presents during the high tide of Lunchoo River. The deterioration of Lunchoo River is due to the point source pollution which is come from the nearby industries. Industrial point sources are the result of industries using water in their production processes, and then treating the water prior to discharge. A part of that, the existing activities along the river also has contributed to the deterioration of the river itself. The pollution that been discharged led to the presence of unpleasant odor on high tide. The oil also can be seen clearly on the surface. Due to the thickening of sediment on the river bed, the color of river turning black and this has giving bad effect not only to the nearby community but also to the reputation of the developer.


This study will start by conducting the hydraulic study of the hydrodynamics and sediment transport, then the changes of sediment transport and the current patterns of the river will be stimulate by using computer modeling and water quality of the river can be predicted. The predictions of water quality and adsorbent efficiency can be predicted based on the new strategy of conducting a hydrodynamics and sediment transportation modeling at the targeted area. The theoretical result will be compared to actual result which is obtained from the laboratory test result. The implementation of oyster shell along the river bank will take place after the flow rate of the river is determined. This is important to obtained the adsorption capacity of the oyster shells. The existing wetland at the area will be used to plant sea weed and other wetland species as for the polishing treatment. The polished water will be flush out and the cleaner river possibly can be achieved


Proposed recreational pond at the Senibong Cove will convert into “cultured” wetland and seaweed rehabilitation programme for the oil and grease removal, as well as river cleansing