MoU/MoA Lists (National and International)

Lists of national and international collaboration/networks:

  1. Cool Pavement Technology from Ceramic Tiles Industry. GENERAL CONSTRUCTIONS COOPERATIVE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OF TONO (GCCBAT), JAPAN. 12 September 2011 – 31 December 2012.
  2. Development of Albedo Design of Urban City Surface for Urban Heat Island Control. Asset Construction Inc. Ltd, JAPAN. 18 April 2012 – 31 March 2013
  3. Eco-Friendly Innovation of Cool Pavement from Wasted Ceramic Tiles. Malaysian Mosaic Berhad (MMB). 20 November 2012 – 19 December 2013.
  4. Mosquito Preventing Trap of Diseases. TAKEDA Co. Ltd (JAPAN). 10 September 2011 – 15 June 2012. Renew MoA for Spin-Off Company Setup in UTM.
  5. Cappucino River – Natural Bioremediation Application for Cleaning and Rehabilitation Programme. Front Concept (M) Sdn Bhd. 1 March 2012 – 30 April 2014
  6. Innovation of Cool Pavement Technology Towards Cooling Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effects in Malaysia. Iskandar Region Development Authority (IRDA). Pending for Legal Approval since December 2012.
  7. Bioremediation of Aquaculture Pond using Locally Available Seaweed and Agar-agar Extraction from Macroalgae. Ken Farm (M) Sdn Bhd. July 2012 – June 2015
  8. Cement Free Application in Construction Material as a Cooling Agent for Building Material. ASSET CONSTRUCTOR INC. LTD. OF JAPAN AND , GENERAL CONSTRUCTIONS COOPERATIVE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OF TONO (GCCBAT), JAPAN. 15 September 2012 – 15 August 2013
  9. Exploring the potential of indigenous microalgae for lipid production present in the pond contaminated with palm oil mill effluent. ALGAETECH INTERNATIONAL (M) SDN. BHD. 24 October 2012 – 24 September 2017