Ken Farm Sdn Bhd and Fisheries Research Institute (Seaweed Project)


The company  is situated at Merlimau, Melaka’s shrimp cultures and no further intention to commercialize the seaweed project. As the seaweed cultivation from shrimp pond is dominated for livestock and pharmaceutical products, the collaboration is targeted to commercialize as extraction for precious metal recovery from waste. The extracted seaweed is promising in combining of ion-exchange formulae and the cheapest method at electroplating industry. The project collaboration is to establish a pilot scale cultivation at shrimp pond culture as initiative of “Bioremediation and Reclaimation” to the existing commercial shrimp cultures. At first, Ken Farm Sdn Bhd is agreed to initiate the project with 3 years duration.


Joint-collaboration with Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) of Gelang Patah, regarding the seaweed programme. At the moment, FRI, Gelang Patah signing an agreement document with IPASA, UTM to initiate the project of massive cultivation of seaweed in pond and tank fabrication as initial pilot scale development. The project was established a networking with SDC (Seaweed Development Centre) under the initiative of Ministry of Agricultural (MoA) and Centre of National Seaweed Alliance in Pulau Sayak, Kedah


Seminar on National Seaweed Mini Estate in Tawau, Sabah – one officer of FRI was joint as PhD student in UTM

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