Research Areas/Interest

(My areas of expertise have been chronologically developed through my formal training and professional involvement, particularly through my research and consultancy services. About 40% of my time is devoted to research and advisory services on wastewater modeling, 40% of bioprocess for wastewater treatment and the rest on other subject matters as shown below).

  • Environmental Biotechnology in Tropical Condition:- Macroalgae Forestration in Contaminated Marine Water for Energy and Precious Metal Recoveries
  • Environmental Sustainability:- Design and Technical Option for Sanitation System in Urban and Rural Area  
  • Environmental Technology and Sustainability:- Cooling Urban Heat Island (UHI) for Controlling Local Warming and Climatic Changes including Alternative Material of Cool-Building and Wasted Combination
  • Biotechnology in Tropical Condition:- Biodegradable Plastic from Palm Oil Mill Effluent, Microalgae Grown Culture for Biodiesel Production, Alternative Energy Resources from Natural Freshwater Algae-Type
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment:- Wastewater Characterization, Industrial Wastewater, PHA Production & Modeling, Nutrient Removal, Nutrient Recovery including the modelling design and specification, Recovery of Hydrogen and Methane (Biohythane) from Waste
  • Hazardous Waste Management:- Reclamation, Reuse & Recycle
  • River rehabilitation and modeling:- Design, Control & Modeling, Awareness & Campaign
  • Clean Technology:- Waste Minimization, Pollution Prevention, Energy Conservation & Protection
  • Environmental Policy and Philosophy – Policy Formulation, Standards, Environmentalism, Water tariff and financing models, Water Sustainability, Conservation
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Impacts – Drinking water, Inhalations, Safety and Health, BLEVE and Quantitative Analysis
  • Bioparticles, Biofilter Technology – Styrene rich wastewater, textile, domestic waste, bioseptic design and applications.