BIKE SHARING  Thanks UTM. Let’s cycle and make cycling as part of campus lifestyle!

Among the interesting facts is that if the SER1M project is implemented on a large scale in UTM, it is:
1. On average, each vehicle unit passing through the UTM route is estimated at 11 km per day with an average gasoline consumption of between 8.8 L – 9.2 L / 100 km
2. The effective amount of SER1M that will be used every day is 120 units with a monthly rate of up to 20 working days. Hence, the average route (km) that will be used optimally in the UTM campus for a month is 26,400 km
3. By comparing the average use of 100 cc motorcycles, the estimated total carbon reduction forecast for 120 units of SER1M is 1,288 kg CO2 / month or 15,456 kg CO2 / year.
4. The average number of day-to-day motorcycles used in the campus is 350. If the CFD program is run every month, the amount of carbon reduction from this motorcycle smoke can be reduced by 2,254 kg CO2 / year for each CFD month. If this CFD is done on a weekly basis the amount will be up to 9,390 kg CO2 / year, ie a significant increase in carbon reduction up to four times.
5. If all 350 units of the motorcycle are replaced with SER1M, then in a year the reduced carbon reduction can be 45,096 kg CO2 (45 MT CO2 / year)
6. For any reduction of 45 MT CO2 / this year, UTM will assist:
A. Turning on 13-Watt light bulbs for 395 years, or
B. Meet the energy needs of a home for 3.46 years, or
C. Along with the use of 15.73 tonnes of coal for the production of electricity.
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