My Professional Membership


  1. Professional Member, Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM), since 2006. Registration (C115858) with Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate
  2. Corporate Member, Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) in 2012. Corporate Member is approved 9 November 2012, as Environmental Member. Registration No. S19516
  3. Graduate Member (Board of Engineers, Malaysia) (BEM), 2005. Registration No. 46338A.
  4. Member, International Water Association (IWA), 2009. Special Committee  in Activated Sludge, Water and Wastewater System, Environmental Sustainability and Solid Management. Registration No.100346
  5. Consultant and Subject Specialist, Department of Environment Malaysia, 2019 – 2022. Registration No.: CS 0265. Registered area: Water Quality, Wastewater, Air Quality and Odour, Solid Waste Management and Quantitative Risk Assessment
  6. Ordinary Member, Malaysian Water Association, 2005. Registration No.: 0841. Appointed as Committee of MyWA Training Programme
  7. Member, Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM). Registration No.: PO161. Registered area: Civil Engineering
  8. Member, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology. Registration No.: 8027724. Registered Area: Marine Environment and Pollution