Master students

  1. Student: Beate Cristgen (completed). Degree: M.Sc. (Environmental Engineering) Thaught course Newcastle University. Topic: The effects of depth and flowrate on waste stabilisation pond performance. Period: April-September 2004
  2. Student: Rosie Dunlop (completed). Degree: M.Sc. (Environmental Engineering) Thaught course Newcastle University. Topic: Production and field evaluation of low-technology ceramic potable water filters in the JB region, Malaysia. Period: April-September 2004
  3. Student: Adam Rolf (completed). Degree: M.Sc. (Environmental Engineering) Thaught course Newcastle University. Topic: Critical flux in membrane bioreactors for palm oil mill effluent. Period: April-September 2004
  4. Student: James Keating (completed). Degree: M.Sc. (Environmental Engineering) Thought course Newcastle University. Topic: Granular sludge development in a sequencing batch reactor using palm oil mill effluent in a tropical country. Period: April-September 2004.
  5. Student: Ms. Khairun Nadwah Ramali, M. Eng (complete). Degree: MAS (Environmental Management) Taught Course. Role: Co-Supervisor. Topic: Environmental Management Plan for Water Quality Modelling
  6. Student: Ms. Erissa Putri Viona (completed). Degree: MAK (Environmental) Research.Role: Supervisor. Topic: Growing Lipid Rich Microalgae Using Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and Glucose For Raw Biodiesel Material Production
  7. Student: Ms. Thian Xio Yun (completed) – MA083041. Degree: MAK (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Lipid Production For Energy Recovery from POME Using Chlorella pyrenodoisa in Hybrid- Photobioreactor
  8. Student: Ms Rohani Razak (completed). Degree: MEng (Environmental Engineering) by Taught. Topic: Malaysian Wastewater Coefficient Using Respirometric and Batch Analysis. Status: Started, Oct 2009
  9. Student: Ms Farha Aziz (completed). Degree: MEng (Environmental Engineering) by Taught. Topic: Green Wall Building and Impact to Climatic Change. Status: Started, Oct 2009
  10. Student: Ms Hazlini Dzinun (completed) 860904405036 (MA093025). Degree: MEng (Environmental Engineering) by Research. Topic: Thermal Behaviour Of Materials For Vertical Surfaces In Johor Bahru City To Mitigate Urban Heat Island (UHI). Status: Started, Jan 2010
  11. Student: Ms Maizatul Sario (completed). Degree: MEng (Environmental Engineering) by Mixed Mode. Topic: Empirical Model of Urban Heat Island (UHI) in Johor Bahru.Status: Started, Jan 2010
  12. Student: Ms. Nur Nabilah Abdullah, M. Eng (quit). Degree: MAK (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Wastewater Inventory and GIS Application for Melana catchment
  13. Student: Ms Ikmazatul Hamzah (completed). Degree: MEng (Environmental Engineering) by Mixed Mode. Topic: Study on Coating Colors And EPS Geofoam Applicatio for Roofing and Wall Structure. Status: Started, Jan 2010
  14. Student: Ms Lailifiza Ishak (quit).Degree: MEng (Environmental Engineering) by Mixed Mode. Topic: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Mobile Incinerator For MSW Management in Malaysia Case Study. Status: Started, Jan 2010
  15. Student: Ms Norhady M. Amin (completed). Degree: MEng (Environmental Engineering) by Mixed Mode. Topic: Noise Prediction and Modelling at Nusajaya Case Study. Status: Started, Jan 2010
  16. Student: Ms. Noor Fairuzah Mohd Asnawi (850116035004) – Completed. Degree: Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Biological Nutrient Removal by using Hybrid Sequencing Batch Reactor of POME.
  17. Student: Nurul Ashikin Asari (840711085592). Degree: MSc (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Construction Wetland and Bioparticle Application in Domestic Wastewater. Student: Mohd Aznor Lamat (790602055033). Degree: MSc (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Carbon Footprint from Industrial Estates
  18. Student: SITI FATIMAH BINTI KAMARUDDIN (881201566186) (M121314796). Degree: Master (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Extracted Agar-agar Seaweed for Precious Metal Recovery. Status: Started, September, 2012
  19. Student: RAHMAH ZALANI (ML12002). Degree: Master (Environmental Engineering) Mixed Mode Research.  Role: Supervisor.  Topic: Thermal Flux Behavior of Coated Painting Material and Aerated Concrete Development. Status: Started, March, 2013
  20. Student: NURUL SHAKILA AHMAD ABDUL WAHAB (861016335660)(MAUB3AJA). Degree: Master (Environmental Engineering)  Research.  Role: Co-Supervisor.  Topic: Application of Existing SBR to Produce PHA from POME. Status: Started, March, 2013
  21. Student: NURAFIFFAH BTE MOHD NOOR (911010115678)(M131410388). Degree: Master (Environmental Engineering)  Research.  Role: CSupervisor.  Topic: Application of Macrophyte and Microalgae for Agricultural Livestock. Status: Started, June, 2013
  22. Student: FATIN ASYIKIN BINTI ALIAS  (911029015714 ) (MKA143019). Degree: Master of Engineering (Environment)  Research.  Role: Co-Supervisor.  Topic: CFC Inventory Phase Out. Status: Started, February, 2015
  23. Student: OOI THEAM YIEW (900605025475) (MKA143018). Degree: Master of Engineering (Environment)  Research.  Role: Supervisor.  Topic: HEAT REFLECTANCE COMPOUNDS FROM WASTED SLUDGE. Status: Started, February, 2015
  24. Student: FATIMAH HAFIFAH BINTI MOHD HANAFI (911203115332) (MKA143020). Degree: Master of Engineering (Environment) Research. Role: Supervisor. Topic: MUSHROOM CULTIVATION. Status: Started, February, 2015
  25. Student: NUR SURAYA BINTI KAMSANO (MKA163005). Degree: Master of Engineering (Environment)  Research.  Role: Co-Supervisor.  Topic: DEVELOPMENT OF WILD HOG REPELLENT FROM HUMAN SCALP HAIR (HSH) AND DOMESTIC SEWAGE SLUDGE (DSS) TO CONTROL BROWSING ACTIVITIES OF WILD HOG. Status: Started, November, 2016
  26. Student: SITI NUR SYAMIMI BINTI MOHD NA’IM (MKA193005) (960511565264). Degree: Master of Engineering (Environment). Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Hybrid performance assessment and optimization models of solid waste management systems in High Education Institutions. Status: November 2019