PhD students

  1. Student: Mrs Fadzlin Md Sairan (change SV). PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research. Topic: Decision Support System (DSS) for Carbon Footprint from WWTP. Status: Started, July 2010.
  2. Student: Mr Ahmad Halilu Abba (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research, Faculty of Chemical Engineering. Topic: Data Evaluation on Greenhouse Gaseous for EPI Malaysia. Role : Co-supervisor.  Started: July 2010.
  3. Student: Mr Rafiu Olasunkanmi Yusuf (A00309734) -PK093081 (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research, Faculty of Chemical Engineering. Topic: Methane Emission from Municipal Waste in Malaysia. Role: Co-supervisor. Started: July 2010
  4. Student: Mr Saberi Mawi (600202136045) – PA103048 (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research. Topic: Mini Oudoor Bioreticulation System for Aquaculture and Bioremediation. Role : Main supervisor. Started: July 2010.
  5. Student: Mrs. Eeydzah Aminuddin (Graduated) 870513015072 (PA103107). Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research. Role: Main supervisor. Topic : Application of Recycled Expanded Polystrene Insulfoam (RePI) in Construction. Started: Jan 2011.
  6. Student: Mrs Maizatul Asnie Mohd Aris 851129146234 (PA113048) (quit). Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research. Topic: Micropollutant Recovery from Wastewater. Role: Co-supervisor. Started: July 2011.
  7. Student: Ms Rafidah Shahperi 840521045282 (PA103164) (on-going) . Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research. Role : Main supervisor. Topic: Anaerobic membrane bioreactor (MBR) for the removal of recalcitrant micro-pollutants in wastewater treatment system. Started: July 2011.
  8. Student: Mr Nickholas Anting Anak Guntor (881117605007) – PA113022 (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering) by Research. Role: Main supervisor. Topic: UHI study in Iskandar Malaysia. Started: July 2011.
  9. Student: Mr Hesam Kamyab (H12029775) – PA113029 (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Fatty Acid Factors for Raw Biodiesel Production. Started: September 2011.
  10. Student: Mrs Low Wen Pei (870819565050) – PA113010 (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental). Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Cappucino River: Natural Bioremediation System for Treating River Water Pollution. Started: July 2011.
  11. Student: Mr Teh Zee Chuang (860610235721). Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research (Graduated). Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Agar-agar extraction from seaweed cultures for metal recovery. Status: Started: September 2011.
  12. Student: Mrs Lee Yee Yong (870916525800) – PA11309 (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Impact of Thermal Behavior and Urban Heat Island Phenomenon Towards Human Safety and Health. Started: July 2011
  13. Student: Mr Mohd Khairul Hamidon. Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research (Graduated). Role: Co-Supervisor. Topic: Bioabsorbent Characteristic and Development of Practical Activated Carbon. Status: Started, November 2011
  14. Student: Mr Shahabaldin Rezania (X95385844) – PA113070 (Graduated) Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Application of Water Hyacinth in Wastewater Treatment and Cellulosic Ethanol ProductionStarted: November 2011
  15. Student: Anita Maslahati Roudi. (Graduated) Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research. Role: Co-Supervisor. Topic: Fenton Process for Ozone TreatmentStarted: November 2011
  16. Student: Roslan Mohamed. Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research (Graduated) Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: A study to improve drinking water supply for remote area via low-cost technology of gravity feed system. Started: July 2011.
  17. Student: Mrs NOR ‘ATIYYAH BINTI MOHAMED (871005115266) (P121311602) (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Biomass Briquette from Water Hyacinth as Alternative Energy. Started: September 2012.
  18. Student: EZUWANA AHMAD (830520015226) – PA123014 (on-going). Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research. Role: Main Supervisor. Topic: Environmental Management System in Sustainability Environment. Started: September 2012.
  19. Student: SIVATHASS BANNIR SELVAM (861231435621 ) – PD113020 (Graduated) . Degree: PhD (Environmental) Research. Role: Co-Supervisor. Topic: Anaerobic and Seaweed Treatment for Leachate. Started: September 2012.
  20. Student: Mrs Nurazmira Zainuddin (861205385050) – P131410182 (on-going)Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering)  Research.  Role: Supervisor.  Topic: Enhancement of Bioethanol Production from Water Hyacinth By Combining White Rod Fungi. Started: June, 2013
  21. Student: Mrs Dianah Binti Mazlan (880816045024) – PA133061 (Graduated). Degree: PhD (Environmental Engineering). Research. Role: Supervisor.  Topic: Nanocrystalize Concrete for Thermal Combating Impact. Started: February, 2015
  22. Student: AIDA BATRISYIA BINTI JASNI (931001146278) – PKA163005 (On-Going). Degree: PhD. Research. Role: Co-Supervisor. Topic: Treatment of Landfill Leachate Using Granular Multi-Stage Anaerobic Reactor. Started: August 2016