Penyertaan dibuka kepadacpelajar dan staff UTM. Bilik Banquet DSI UTM Skudai (4 & 5 April 2016)

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Rakaman sidang media Pengarah UTM Campus Sustainability bersama Astro Awani, TV Al-Hijrah dan akhbar utama berkenaan strok haba

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Education Engagement, Lawatan dari Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail (27 April 2016)

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The exchange initiative sewage into resources

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Interview with TV AlHijrah (TV Station): From Fork-to-Farm (Waste Animal Fodder)

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The haze crisis: Observation API reading materials Polluted Air … [Continue reading]


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My Entrepreneurial Short Story: My Motivation of New Academia

My MENTOR of the Proposed Research-Business Model: Prof. Dr. Iwao KENZO (NIT, Japan): Professor of NIT (Japan) and ex-vice president of power plant industry of Chubu Power Electric (Japan) [Ir. Dr. Mohd Fadhil Md Din: BEM (Professional Engineer), … [Continue reading]

Trip to Tajimi-city: Hottest City in Japan

"A Handshake of Tajimi, Mayor" - Hait! Mr "Unagapa"-san Expression of VVIP during the visit to his office. We shall recommend a twin neighborhood of Urban Heat Island! A publication and public seminar on the related project of … [Continue reading]

Our Experiment, and Dreams of Cool-City!

Millions times effort to investigate the causes of Urban Heat Island. But, the BIG QUESTION, HOW TO PREVENT IT? Some achievements and future R&D with the Cool-Island Technology experience in Japan. The similar New Academia will provide in … [Continue reading]