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Founded in 2012, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory (UAV Lab), is a leading laboratory within the Aeronautics laboratory (AEROLAB), which is one of the UTM Center of Excellent (COE). It is a specialized research laboratory on Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and mainly set-up to meet the educational and research needs of Malaysia’s developing aerospace industry, with the following specific, but not exclusive, goals
  • To provide education and training for future aeronautical engineers particularly UAS
  • To provide a world-class facility to foster postgraduate and industry in UAS or related fields
  • To cultivate trust in offering UAS design and testing services encompassing aircraft design and fabrication, policies and airworthiness, communication, and applications.

Unconstrained by traditional disciplines in aeronautical engineering, UAVlab is the meeting point for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, photographers, software or dashboard developers and scientists to create technologies and experiences that enable people to understand and exploit UAS-related technologies in their lives, communities, and environments. UAVlab promotes an interdisciplinary research culture that brings together diverse areas of interest. More than 20 faculty members working with over 30 researchers, assistant engineers, visiting scientists, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and interns are working under the same roof.