The World Won!


BREAKING NEWS: All 12 kids and their soccer coach were successfully rescued after 18 days of being miles deep inside a flooding cave in Northern Thailand!! Everyone is celebrating where I am currently in Bangkok!!!I am thrilled to be reporting this story to you, as it has taken a complete GLOBAL EFFORT to secure the lives of these innocent kids. Dozens and dozens of cave experts and specialist divers flew in from all corners of the world on their own dime, to help the cause. This story makes me really happy, and it is just one (of the very few) headlines that make mass media. Today, the world won. Please join me in thanking all the helpers who joined forces in Northern Thailand to make this miracle happen for these 13 young adults. And let's send our thoughts and prayers to the one Thai Navy Seal who died from running out of oxygen while attempting to rescue them. What a true hero.Follow Drew Binsky for daily travel videos and inspiration!All footage is taken from CNN, CBS, Thai TV, Express and BBC on their respective websites and Youtube channels.Music: Epidemic Sound

Posted by Drew Binsky on Selasa, 10 Julai 2018

A Good Sharing :) (28th January 2018)

Syabas! PM Dr. Siti Hamidah. Rakan seperjuangan yang hebat yang saya mula kenali dalam program CEO Faculty Programme. Pencapaian beliau hebat tetapi amat merendah diri. Saya sendiri belajar banyak perkara terutama mengenai kecantikan & kosmetik dari beliau. Tak mengapa siti sayang… Kejar akhirat, insyaAllah dunia akan turut bersamamu.

Semakin belajar marketing, semakin takut saya nak berbisnes. Mungkin perlu lebih banyak menuntut ilmu….Saya ni…

Posted by Siti Hamidah on 27hb Januari 2018

Daily Inside Thoughts (1st January 2018)

Semoga 2018 membawa lebih kebahagiaan, kegembiraan & keberkatan dari Allah swt

Bagaimana Surah Ad-Dhuha Boleh Mengubah Kehidupan Kita?


Daily Inside Thoughts (27th December)

An interesting article, it might resuscitate several issues from different perspectives and hoping a healthy debates from different authorities.

Apa yang menarik perhatian saya ada percanggahan pendapat berkenaan isu ini. 1. Para ilmuwan akademik di…

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Daily Inside Thoughts (26th December)

Very relevant & will always be relevant, not only in the context of government management as being shared below, but also for our own heart management. When you start wishing good things & secretly pray for people who annoys you, you’ll soon be more relaxed & positive… their attitudes & whatever they do behind you is beyond your control. Wish them well, focus on the things that you can control & never doubt that Allah will take care of the rest . Positive thoughts leads to positive attitudes .