One minute reminder (19th July 2018)

Since i haven’t been doing the one minute per day beneficial sharing for quite sometime, I extended it a bit today

Daily Inside Thoughts 1 (19th July 2018)

Jangan lukakan hati anak semata-mata kerana dia belum mendapat apa yang kita mahu… 

Sekiranya Allah mahukan sesuatu ‘Kun Fa Ya Kun’….. kita hanya perlu terus meminta…… minta, minta untuk apa jua yg kita hajatkan… Dia pasti mendengar & menganugerahkan sebaiknya…

One Minute Reminder (3rd April 2018)

Are you smart, ambitious & dynamic? Unafraid of new challenges? You can be our university’s game changer!

The Ministry of Higher Education is inviting young public university lecturers with a PhD, between the age of 30-40 years old to apply for a spot in Cycle 2 of CEO@Faculty 2.0 programme.

Successful applicants will be joining a full time 6-month attachment with CEOs of Government-Linked Companies and Multi-National Corporations.

Apply now at

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Daily Inside Thoughts (2nd April 2018)

Sayu mendengar bacaan doa anak ini . Amin… Ya Allah!