Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. :) (22nd July 2018)

Hiking with the girls.  😀  @ Melati Hill Trail



Fitness Me :) (21st July 2018)

Need to step on my trampoline and burn some calories before indulging myself into a sinful dinner. You cannot miss a fruit season.  :mrgreen:


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. :) (21st July 2018)

A short brisk walk with my 2nd princess.  😉 @Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Fitness Me. :) (20th July 2018)

Completed my 10K steps on my trampoline to be fit and healthy while accidentally watched unhealthy drama on TV  of cheating husband & parasites .

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind :) (19th July 2018)

Brisk walk with my little hero.  😀 @Cyberjaya Lakeside