1. Marlita Mat Yusof (2014 – current)
    ”Social Media and Innovation Exchange in Business Performance”

    PhD. Main supervisor: PM Dr. Zuraini Ismail

  2. Moamar G B Elyazgi (2013 – current)
    “E-book Use by Children”

    PhD. Main supervisor: Dr. Naz’ri Mahrin

  3. Oye Nathaniel David (2010 – completed)
    “E-learning in DevelopingCountries: Holistic e-learning in Nigerian Higher Education Institutions”.

    PhD. Main supervisor: Dr. Noorminshah I.Ahad

  4. Mueen Uddin (2010 – completed 2013)
    “Adoption of Green IT in Organizations”

    PhD Main supervisor: Associate Professor Dr. Azizah Abd Rahman

  5. Rozana binti Ismail (2009 – current)
    “Knowledge Management Framework for Research Operation in Public Sector”.

    PhD. Main supervisor: Prof Rose Alinda Alias

  6. Hossein Monem (2009 – completed 2013)
    “Novel Hospital Information System (HIS) implementation sucess model”.

    PhD. Main supervisor: Dr. Ab. Razak bin Che Hussin.

  7. Mohammad Sadegh Hajmohammadi (2011)
    ”Opinion Mining and Sentiment analysis in perisian language.”

    PhD. Main supervisor: Dr. Roliana Ibrahim

  8. Ahmad Bakhtiyari Shahri (2011 – current)
    “Security Concerns for Health Information Systems”.

    PhD. Main supervisor: PM Dr. Zuraini Ismail

  9. Yazriwati Yahya (2011 – current)
    “Information Problem Solving among IT Project managers”.

    PhD. Main supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nor Shahriza Abdul Karim