Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. :) (22nd July 2018)

Hiking with the girls.¬† ūüėĬ† @¬†Melati Hill Trail



Fitness Me. :) (20th July 2018)

Completed my 10K steps on my trampoline to be fit and healthy while accidentally watched unhealthy drama on TV  of cheating husband & parasites .

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind :) (19th July 2018)

Brisk walk with my little hero.¬† ūüėÄ @Cyberjaya Lakeside

Fitness Me :) (18th July 2018)

Mentally and physically exhausted¬†today but after a¬†sinful dinner¬†of my mom’s fish curry, I¬†decided to do some steps¬†on my trampoline¬†while watching¬†chocolate documentary¬†@¬†nat geo channel¬†.¬†Still¬†thinking of the chocolate¬†in the fridge¬†.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (31st January 2018)

Waking up¬†feeling a bit blue and¬†prepared breakfast for the family, a bit of cleaning up & immediately try to find something that could¬†boost my mood¬†…. Found this¬†interesting workout¬†by Patricia Moreno. Just a 5 minutes of simple movements with¬†affirmations¬†, a bit teary while doing it but¬†feeling a whole lot better at the end of it. Must be the hormones¬†