Main Supervisor


    1.  Sohrab Bizanjo (2016 – current) –“E-government Participation through Social Media”
    2. Siti Isnaine binti Haini (2015 – current) -“Agile Framework in ICT Strategic Plan for Public Sector”
    3. Rohaizan binti Daud (2015 – current) –“Integration of knowledge communication between IT experts and decision makers for ICT projects efficiency in Malaysian public sector”
    4. Marlita Mat Yusof (2014 – curent) “Open Innovation through Customers’ Co-creation of Value Using Social Media”
    5. Mustafa Omar M. Baeuo (2014 – current)
      “E-Government in Libya based on Malaysia Framework”
    6. Nor Azilah binti Mohd Asarani (2013-current) “Multiple Perspectives of Online Training Effectiveness and Continuance Intention in Malaysian Public Sectors”
    7. Norazila Samuri (2013 – current)“Green IT Awareness of Polytechnic Students”
    8. Arash Asiaei (2012-current) – “Adoption of Cloud Computing by Malaysian SMEs
    9. Sajjad Shalikar (2012 – current) – “Knowledge Management Framework for Medical Tourism”
    10. Ali Ahani (2011- current)
      “Social Media Usage In Customer Relationship Management Succes Of Malaysian Small And Medium Enterprises”.
    11. Saleh Ali S. Alsuhaibany (2010 – current)
      “An Exploratory Investigation of Information Systems Strategic Planning practice in Saudi Arabia”.
    12. Yuzi Mahmud (2011 – completed) “Social Network Sites: The Impact Towards School Teenagers”.
    13. Zia Lallmahomed (2011 – completed 2014) “Techology Acceptance and Use: Conceptualising Richer Measure of Use.


Master Dissertation

    1. Seyedhamid Hejazimehrizi (2012 – completed 2014) –
      “Freelance Graphic Design Marketing Through Social Media”
    2. Tengku Nur Nikman Tuan Hanizam (2012 – completed 2014) –“A Case Study for Bank Rakyat: Evaluating the Completeness of Social Media Risk Management Guideline”
    3. Siti Sarah Farhana Mohd Rusydin Morgan (2013 – completed 2014 ) –“Influence of Personality on Social Networking Sites Use”
    4. Karimah@Aminah Abdullah@Abu Bakar (2012 – completed 2013) –“Knowledge Management Performance in the Malaysian Public Sector: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment”
    5. Adam Mahamat Helou (2010 – completed 2012).“The Impact of Social Networking on Students’ Academic Performance”
    6. Fouad Osman (2010 – completed 2012).“The Test for Privacy: an Analysis of UTM Postgraduate Students’ Privacy Settings When Using Facebook”
    7. Almabrouk W. Ibrahim (2010 – completed 2012).“The Application of CSCW in Organizations and its Effect on Performance”
    8. Siti Nurkhadijah (2010 – completed 2012)“Local Postgraduate Students’ Social Networking Experiences on Facebook”
    9. Noor Haniza Abu Bakar (2010 – completed 2012)“A Research on E-book for Primary School Children”
    10. Nadzirah Ahmadi (2010 – completed 2012)“Contribution of Social Network in Developing Marketing Framework”
    11. Loo Meet Ching (2011 – current)“ICT Toolkit for AIS Postgraduate Students”

Undergraduate Final Year Project

  1. Vanitha Nair Vasudevan (2010 – 2011).
    “Vision Asset Management System”