How to Capture A Milky Way Galaxy photo

This image was taken during my recent retreat at Tanjung Leman.  Taken a milky way galaxy requires some skills and knowledge on the galaxy locations whereabout.  But don’t be turned down. assisted with modern technology and gadget, we can easily locate and plan the outing.  Here are several tips to take the photo.

  1.  Locate the galaxy.  Using apps, most of them are paid apps actually such as SunSurveyor and PhotoPills.  The latter offers the best real time view of the location of the galaxy.
  2. You need to go to a place that has little pollution. It is not necessarily to be in very remote areas.  Mine was taken at 400 meters at the back of the resort (Facing the beach).
  3. Don’t shoot during full moon because the moon light will covers the galaxy unless the moon is covered by a thick cloud.
  4. Require lens that has big aperture.  Your lens should be at least f/2.8
  5. Lens has manual focus
  6. ISO must be set at high more than 1000, depending on the locations.
  7. The shutter time not more than 30 seconds if you are using wide angle lens (10mm).

Taken at Tanjung Leman at 9.15 pm