Mavic Mini

This is a sample of image taken from my dji Mavic Mini.  It is weight less than 250g and it is so tiny and can be mistakenly considered as a toy (but is is NOT!).  It is packed with high technology (GPS, position sensor, 3-axis gimbal with tiny 2.7k capable camera).

In my humble opinion, this Mavic is just a drone and it is good for the beginner and armature like me that sometimes love to fly it and take some photos and videos for personal collection and for self-satisfaction. The camera is good with steady gimbal. The photo and video quality are pretty impressive when considering the price of the drone.  FYI, it is the cheapest yet quality drone out there (RM1,500.00).

It does not come with front-back-side anti-collision sensors, thus you can not fly it under active tracking mode (mavic air can do it).

The battery life is good, it can fly up to 30 minutes (since it does not have power hunger systems such as sensors).

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