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Micro-Inverter WVC1200

Micro-inverter is usually an inverter circuit that requires grid connection to operate. The target of using this micro-inverter is not on to 100 powering the load. It is most likely to reduce the energy bill by injecting active power generated from the solar to the grid directly using 13A socket plug



What’s good about AC Panels and micro inverters?

There are a number of complexities caused by the traditional way of connecting solar panels together (in a series string) which Micro Inverters can help overcome including:

High Voltage DC

High Voltage DC produced by a series string solar power system can create a risk of very high temperature arcing and potentially fire. Because micro inverters convert to 240V AC, the potential for this to occur is greatly minimised.


High voltage DC requires relatively expensive protective switches and fuses. By using AC, switchgear is more commonly available and thus cheaper.


To make this all a little more entertaining, I’ve put together a video discussing shading and solar panels. If you don’t particularly feel like watching, feel free to skip it and just read the summary below.