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A Modified T-Type Multilevel Inverter

I have been supervising a Ph.D. student currently undergoing research work on a novel advanced T-Type multilevel inverter. He has successfully obtained a wonderful result both using fundamental switching and PWM switching schemes.

The first shows the prototype of the MLI. The second figure shows the fundamentals, while the PWM is shown in the last figure.

the prototype
The output voltage using fundamental switching
The output voltage using PWM

Simple PWM switching for Packed- U Cell 5 with Self Balancing Capacitor

This topology can produce 5-level using a single dc source and 6 unidirectional switches. The voltage of capacitor usually half of the Vdc value. The topology can be extended to 7 levels by simply insert a capacitor and 2 more switches. However, the sensorless capacitor voltage approach is quite impossible since there is no way in the topology switching that can be utilized to make sure that the capacitor voltage is always at V/3