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EAC Visit 2021- Continuation Accreditation

Tomorrow August 30, 2021, will be the virtual visit for EAC for our academic program SKEE and SEEE. This is the continuation accreditation..meaning that the maximum period that we will get is 3 years..and after that, it will be a new cycle of accreditation.

The base of accreditation is to ensure that the program follows these two main points: 1. The OBE system, and 2. Quality Assurance management. The EAC panels will go deep by interviewing lecturers and students to find out whether they comply.

I will share the slide briefing of the EAC accreditation with you, especially our program PEOs, POs (12 POs), and WK, WP, and EA categories and definitions. Please be noted that the PEOs and POs are different from other programs.