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Publication Journal in 2022


This year I managed to publish my research findings in 2 SCOPUS journals, 2 ISI, and (Q2) Journals. Last year, my plan was to publish in IEEE Transactions, but both papers were rejected this year after 2nd review process.

Another 2 papers are currently undergoing a review process in Q3 journals. Hope both of them will get acceptance.

Publication in 2022

Just to update my publication in the year 2022.

Currently, one paper is accepted for the Inderscience Journal of Power Electronics. It is a SCOPUS journal. It is about a new multilevel inverter topology with the intention of the effect of PWM strategies.

Then, recently accepted is a paper submitted to Sustainable Environment Technology Assessment (SETA). It is a Q2 journal and will be published in August issue 2022.

I am waiting for two more acceptance under IEEE Transaction in Power Electronics. Both are currently under 2nd review process. Hope both get accepted.