Conference Proceedings

  • Hazilan, M.N., Azri, H., Jusoh, S.N., Perkembangan Budaya Ilmu. National Student Development Conference organized by Fellowship of College Tun Hussein Onn, Institution of UTM Fellows at Dewan Sultan Iskandar,   (21- 23 Oktober 2008) –National
  • Jusoh, S.N., Parametric Study on Seepage Flow in Unsaturated and Saturated Zones in Earth fill Dam. National Seminar on Civil Engineering Research (SEPKA 2007), Good Hope Hotel, Johor. (11-12 December 2007) – National
  • Kasim, F. and Jusoh, S.N., Effects of Permeability Disparity on Seepage Pattern of Earthfill Dam. International Conference on Geotechnical and Highway Engineering(GEOTROPIKA 2008), Best Western Premier Seri Pacific Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. (26-27 Mei 2008) – International
  • Jusoh, S.N., and Mohamad, H. (2010). A Short Review of Analytical Methods for Tunnelling in Elastic Ground, GEOTROPIKA 2010 – International
  • Jusoh, S.N., and Mohamad, H. (2011). A Short Review  of Numerical Methods for Tunneling in Soft Ground, SEPKA 2011 – National
  • Jusoh, S.N., Mohamad, H. and Marto, A. (2013). “Fundamental Behavior of Jointed Segmental Tunnel Lining: A Review of Current State of Research, GEOCON 2013 – International
  • Siti Norafida Jusoh, Hisham Mohamad, Aminaton Marto & Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus. (2014). Flexural Behavior of Segmented Tunnel Lining, presented in National Seminar on Civil Engineering Research (SEPKA 2014), 14-15th April 2014, at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. – National
  • Muhammad Azril Hezmi1,a, Radzuan Saari1,b, Mushairry Mustaffar1,c , Che Ros Ismail1,d, Mohd For Mohd Amin1,e, Muhammad Nassir Hanapi1,f , Khairulzan Yahya1,g, Yusof Ahmad1,h, Azman Mohamed1,i, Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus1,j , Asnul Dahar Minghat2,k , Siti Norafida Jusoh1,l , Mohd Yunus Ishak1,m Mohd Zulkifli Mohd Yunus1 (2015). Implementation of Project Based Learning for Civil Engineering Students at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. 9th Asia Pacific Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (APSEC 2015) 8th Asean Civil Engineering Conference (ACEC 2015) –Asean
  • Nor Zurairahetty Mohd. Yunus, Dariusz Wanatowski, Aminaton Marto and Siti Norafida Jusoh (2016). Comparison Between Undrained And Drained Condition On Lime-Stabilized Organic Clay With Sodium Chloride, 19th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference & 2nd AGSSEA Conference (19SEAGC & 2AGSSEA) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia –International