Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Alhmadulillah, just want to share, on 12th May 2017, me and my co-supervise master student, Osama el Sayed had a great opportunity of having extension of research discussion (initiated last time during the SEACETUS 2017 in KL), with Prof Dr.Harald Wagner from KMILT (Thailand).

Unfortunately, since my collegue, Dr.Rini Asnida (main supervisor of Osama) still in journey from Japan, so it just three of us in this skype session.


A lot of new point of view and advise on the research regarding the design of tunnel lining with involvement of mechanized tunnel method had been discussed. InshaAllah, hope this small humble step will open to many more great research collaboration in near future.

For Prof, thank you very much for your bright advises, inshaAllah we will take the points into this project and try to make into progress.

 Me, Osama and Prof Dr. Harald Wagner captured moment, wide smile (actually laugh) and praying for inshaAllah Osama’s PhD.