On 18-19 April 2017,  I manage to be apart of great conference, the Southeast Asian Conference and Exhibition of Tunnel and Underground Space 2017 at Dorsett Grand Hotel, Subang.

I’ve presented on Investigation on Segment Joint to Improve Soil-Tunnel Interaction. 

It is a great exposure since the conference is specifically talks about tunnel and undergrounds, and had gathered all the experts from Southeast Asian. I’ve met new friends and after presenting my paper, somehow then i knew.. ohh.. there’s also researcher/engineers having problems similar to what i’m gone trough (in modelling of course) and there was also discussion on where and how to move forward (which helps me a lot, alhamdulillah).


My picture with TBM model, in real, it is about 90 meter length!

(Thank you Kak Rini for taking this photographs, it is really nice to have you as colleagues when in long journey. Forgot to have our pictures together while in here..huhu )