Assalamualaikum wbt and a good day,

Glogster is an interactive medium that can be used for poster presentation in digital (and online) which is very interesting as we could attach video, references journal and etc. I have learned it from Effective multimedia creative presentation courses in 2016 and quite frequently used in my learning and teaching activities from time to time. It is effective for either small or big class. It also has a lot of variety template to be used.

Alhamdulilah, this semester I managed to encourage student’s group activities via online poster presentation, i.e., Glogster in Tunnelling topic for SKAA4713 and MKAJ 1023 Advanced Geotechnical Design and Analysis.

The topic that we covered this time is on ‘Challenges in Tunnel Construction: From Geology Point of View’

First group touch on rock spalling and high temperature and their Glogster is as follows:

or go to link:

Second group 

Their link as follows:

and the third group

Although it was quite tricky at first to understand how to use it, the student managed to complete the task for one week.

For education purpose, we could sign up for free as an educator. For a student, they also can sign up for free and have one week time before the registration is expired. It is advisable for users to advise student prepare the material for presentation/poster first, then when their ready, later they sign up and compile all the material.

Hope this posting will help you, and see you again!

To go to Glogster:

To create an account: click “Get Started”; choose “Educator” then enjoy using this awesome online poster!