Undergraduate : Civil Engineering Laboratory 2

Assalamualaikum and Good Day for everyone,

For session semester 2019/2020/1:

A. List of group:

Note: Latest of new group arrangement (updated 24 Sept 2019)

Section 1 – SKAA 3012 Sec1

Section 2 – SKAA 3012 Sec2

Section 3 – SKAA 3012 Sec3

Note: Latest of new group arrangement also can be seen at laboratory announcement board (block M50). 

B. Lab schedules :

Section 1 – SKAB3012 SEC 01_TIMETABLE 2019/2020/1

Section 2 –SKAB3012 SEC 02_TIMETABLE 2019/2020/1

Section 3 – SKAB3012 SEC 03_TIMETABLE 2019/2020/1

C. Front page for report (each student) :

(Updated!) Front Page of Report SKAA 2012/SKAB 2012 **

(Updated!) Front Page of Report SKAA 3012**

**Please print rubric at the back of front page for report submission.

** Front page need to be type writing and be as a first page for each individual report, inside the compilation group report.

***Attention: For OPEN Ended lab, please use the right rubric.

Rubrics for Open Ended Laboratory

List of Open Ended laboratory testing is as follow:

  1. Lab I : G4 & S1
  2. Lab II : C1,C2; H1,H2; E1,E2.