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Tunnelling in Soft ground could be a tricky and risky one especially when plan to construct in urban city. Basic understanding of this matter is important as to help to ensure a stable soil conditions during tunnel constructions.

In recent, tunnel engineering class of MKAJ 1113 (for semester 20192020-1), with 16 UTM Johor Bahru students and 20 students from pesisir (part time Kuala Lumpur Master class), we managed to carry out two series of cooperative learning activities. Both classes have adopted jigsaw and gallery walk activity for their poster presentations.  The UTM KL student managed to present their poster via Glogster open sources medium, and UTM Jb students prepared a series of a printed A3 poster. Previously, I have wrote on how to have Glogster – Online Poster Presentations (for educators and students) in here.

The topic that we covered this time is on ‘Basic Knowledge of Tunnel Constructions in Soft Ground’ that covers about 6 subtopics in total as follows:

1. Soft ground vs hard ground tunnelling
2. Tunnel induced ground movement
3. Settlement trough and volume loss

4. Face pressure
5. Soil properties affect tunnel construction type
6. Risk assessment in tunnelling

Both of classes of UTM Johor Bahru (full-time Master student) and UTM KL (part time/pesisir Master students) have successfully presented their poster during class. The compilation of their poster can be reached via the provided link below;

  1. Master class UTM Johor Bahru (Perdana)
  2. Master class UTM Kuala Lumpur (Pesisir)

Feel free to visit this sharing. Hope this will be benefited for all.

Similarly, if you interested to know more, there are also more sharing from students presentation on “Challenges in Tunnel Construction:From Geology Point of View” in here.