Alhamdulillah, small workshop has successfully conducted on 4 February 2020 at BMP, M46 School of Civil Engineering. Sharing of tips and trick of FRGS in education has been presented by Dr. Narina from Faculty of Education. Some of the guidance are:

i. Title

Title should be fundamental – good title should have keyworks which reflect ‘ method’, ‘objective’ and ‘significance/purpose’

May address  keyword like ‘model – lebih besar/ framework’ – framework lebih kecil

Be fundamental – do not show too applied/methodology


ii. Previous publication also need to be updated/will be checked by assessor.

iii. Members – 5 only, who do what (methodology should clearly state the PIC, and should clarify why his/her in team, and select combination of team level).

iv. Grammatical error – please check

v. Type of grant application –  might be Biodeversity/Education/Social Sciences(psikology) or Arts and Applied Arts

vi. Duration either 2 or 3 years with maximum amount of RM250000

  • Honorium not allowed anymore.
  • Bill (water, gas, electric) not allowed anymore.


Make sure to updated our Mygrants profile.

Some photos during workshop;