UTM eLearning and Blended Learning

Blended learning is defined as the practice of combining both online and face to face learning experiences (30%-79% of the course content is delivered online). By referring to Dasar e-Pembelajaran Negara (DePAN 2.0) – 70% online learning by the year of 2020.

At UTM, to comply blended learning – we need to have these elements for each course:

  • A – at least 1 information in the introduction. Must upload the CLO
  • B – at least 7 resources – files, slides, journal, youtube, books.
  • C – at least 3 activities – forum, wiki, glossary, chat
  • D – at least 2 assignment submit through elearning
  • E – at least 28 hits average per student
 Each Public Universities need to ensure that the practice of blended learning (e-Learning) meets predefined conditions. These condition and practice of blended learning courses offered at UTM were evaluated and reported as follows:
1. Level 1 : Fulfill condition EL1 only; (CO)
2. Level 2 : Fulfills condition EL1 & EL2 / EL1 & EL3 / EL1 & EL4 / EL1 & EL5 only; (at least 50% of the total content or 7 units weekly lecture notes)
3. Level 3 : Fulfills condition EL1, EL2 / EL3 / EL4 and EL5 only; (organize at least 3 online learning activites during the semester. E.g forum, wiki)
4. Level 4 : Fulfills condition EL1, EL2, (EL3 + EL4) > 5 only; (using at least 2 online assessment during the semester. E.g. Assignment, quizzes)
5. Level 5 : Fulfills all condition EL1, EL2 , EL3 , EL4 and EL5; (Average access for each student to e-learning known as Active index greater than 28 times during the semester – at least 2 time per week)

Blended Learning Level:

CL1: Fulfils condition EL1 only;
CL2: Fulfils condition EL1 and EL2 / EL3 / EL4 only ;
CL3: Fulfils condition EL1, EL2 / EL3 / EL4 and EL5 only;
CL4: Fulfils condition EL1, EL2, EL3 and EL4 only;
CL5: All 5 elements of blended learning fulfils; and of course active index average access 28 times per semester per student.
Courses that belong to CL4 and CL5 level are considered as a blended learning courses.

Anugerah UTM eLearning and Blended Learning:

Achieve EL5 – Anugerah Pengajar eLearning paling aktif
Achieve CL5 – Anugerah Kursus Blended Learning paling aktif
(masukkan dalam eLPPT – anugerah & awards)

This is my results for the last semester. Alhamdulillah, got level 5 for UANP6013. Thanks to my active students and Dr Rasimah for great support. Insya Allah, we will try to achieve 5 for Business Strategy Management. Actually Prof Madya Dr Nor Zairah is very active at padlet – lets link the padlet into eLearning next semester.

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