Kazakhtan Potential Collaboration and Conferences

Today, I accompanied PM Dr Rijal to meet the delegation from Institute of Information & Computational Technologies, Al-Faraby University, Kazakhtan at UTM Kuala Lumpur. IICT is sort of like Hi-COE in Al-Faraby University. Their priority research areas are: 

i. Information Security
ii. Robotics System
iii. Big Data Analytics
iv. Artificial Intelligence

I learned from google maps the beautiful place of Al-Maty – the city of Alfarabi. 60% of Kazakhtan are muslims. They are 60% Kazakhs and the rest are russia, turks and Uyghur.

It was like ayam and itik discussion since we have language barrier. Fortunately we have Miss Gula to translate for us. Among the potential collaboration we can do;
i. Post-doctoral 5-10 people from IICT – they sponsor their young scientist to study here
ii. Postgraduate collaboration – they show big interest here
iii. International program – conferences etc – refer to http://iict.kz/en/home/ – free for us
iv. Matching grant – CRG UTM
v. Lecturer outbound – suggested by PM Rijal

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