Writing Lesson Part 1

A paragraph should have

  • 1 topic sentence
  • a few supporting sentences
  • 1 conclusion for topic sentence

Tips to expand a topic sentence. Supporting sentences must expand the topic sentence. Plese refer to this cartoon and easy to understand graphic

  • Adjectives (summary – key points – gist keep here).
    • Who – main character/entity suppose to be here.
    • Characters
    • Current situation
  • Give settings –
    • When
    • Where
  • How
  • Why
  • Conclude

Tips to use transitions. Please refer to this nice handwriting summary that I found from pinterest.

  • To contrast – despite, however, yet, rather, instead, otherwise, even though. nevertheless, at the same time, yet, in contrast, instead
  • To compare – likewise, as well as, either, similarly, in the same way, comparatively, too, also, along with,
  • To show time – recently, now, after, then, finally, before, first, following, subsequently, next, meanwhile, presently, later, simultaneously
  • to show example – for example, to illustrate, such as, in fact, for instance, in addiction, specifically, for instance, specifically,
  • to show a cause-effect – as a result, consequently, therefore, accordingly
  • Add to – in addition, furthermore, moreover, additionally, next, lastly, also.
  • Result – hence, therefore, in conclusion, as a result, accordingly, thus,
  • to summarize – all in all, as a result, finally.

To hook your reader, use:

  • Description word picture – ‘I peeked out the window at the hot morning sunshine…’
  • For business writing – they like these power words. E.g. easy, effective, facilitate, focus, ignite, impact, boost, active, affect.

Tools to help your writing

  • hemmingway app – http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

  • https://www.quicksprout.com/headlines/
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