Keynote Speaker at the 3rd International Conference on Educational Studies in Mathematics (ICoESM) 2023

The abstract of my keynote address

During this presentation, I will deliver a keynote address centered on the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework. This framework delineates the specific types of knowledge that both pre-service and in-service educators, particularly in the field of Mathematics, require to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. The framework emphasises the necessity for teachers to comprehend the interconnectedness of technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge. It underscores the dynamic interactions and influences that exist among these realms in various and distinct educational contexts. Regarding the incorporation of technology in teaching, the framework asserts its impact not only on what is taught but also on how teaching is conducted. Furthermore, I will delve into the 21st-century pedagogy model and its constituents. Lastly, insights will be shared about the practices adopted by in-service mathematics teachers in Malaysia and South Korea, with a specific focus on three aspects: (1) Enhancing the teaching of advanced cognitive skills, (2) Promoting collaborative learning through appropriate technologies, and (3) Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and digital tool integration through a cross-disciplinary approach.