Sumber: Research Management Centre (RMC) UTM

[Saya copy dan paste email dari Pengarah RMC UTM]

Dear Researchers

On behalf of RMC, I would like to remind the researchers to remember this figure: RM5000.

This figure is exactly the maximum amount you can make any procurement for your research purpose by yourself without going through the RMC Procurement Procedure. You can be surcharged if you fail to follow the procurement procedure when the procurement amount is more than RM5000.

Please remember, if your procurement is above RM5000, you MUST make the purchase or procurement through an official purchase order (Local Order or Pesanan Tempatan) which can only be issued by RMC Finance Section (please contact them at Level 3 Block F54 for JB).

Remember, proper procurement procedures MUST BE FOLLOWED WHEN CARRYING OUT THE PROCUREMENT once approval of activities (or approval of procurement in the case of items not listed in proposal) has been obtained.