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Marching on to 2018!

Happy New Year to all!!!


Daily Inside Thoughts (28th December)

Mendengar ceramah seorang ustaz semalam bagaimana amalan istiqomah beliau dengan surah ini terhadap seorang pelajarnya yang sangat nakal telah mengubah pelajar tersebut ke arah kebaikkan. Banyak fadhilat dalam ayat ini…. 

Daily Inside Thoughts (27th December)

An interesting article, it might resuscitate several issues from different perspectives and hoping a healthy debates from different authorities.

Daily Inside Thoughts (26th December)

Very relevant & will always be relevant, not only in the context of government management as being shared below, but also for our own heart management. When you start wishing good things & secretly pray for people who annoys you, you’ll soon be more relaxed & positive… their attitudes & whatever they do behind you is beyond your control. Wish them well, focus on the things that you can control & never doubt that Allah will take care of the rest . Positive thoughts leads to positive attitudes .


Daily Inside Thoughts (24th December)

Favourite shopping mall from my childhood. Just a walking distance away from our house the staff quarters of ‘Rumah Malaysia’ now known as ‘Rumah Awang Alak Betatar’ Sultan Brunei’s palace in Jalan Ampang. Abah would carry me on his shoulders & just walk there everytime.

Vaguely remember watching arwah Sudirman Hj Arshad performing in a mini concert at the mall.

KUALA LUMPUR 18 DISEMBER 2017. Pusat membeli belah Ampang Park di Jalan Ampang. NSTP/ZUNNUR AL SHAFIQ